Wednesday, April 21, 2021



Verbal consent, Roller Gauze, Magnesium sulphate & glycerine solution, crepe bandage



This is done for symptomatic relief in patients with limb edema.

1.     Take magnesium sulphate granules and mix it with glycerine using one finger (20 gm MgSO4: 100  ml Glycerine ratio)     

Magnesium sulphate decreases the limb edema.
Glycerine acts as a moisturiser.

2.     Take thin layer of gauze piece and soak it in the solution just made 

3.     Soak it completely so that no part of gauze is dry        

4.     Apply this over the edematous limb without any wrinkle in a spiral bandaging manner

5.     Cover it well with crepe bandage, you can cover this by stockings

6.     Advice to patient                  

      Keep limb elevated while resting 

      Avoid static isometric activities eg. Prolonged standing       

      Encourage rhythmic isotonic movements eg. Swimming, massaging

      Daily wearing of below-knee stockings 

      Regular washing and keep the limb clean

      Wear soft rubber soled shoes and take regular care of feet

Written by our guest author Varad Chandak

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