Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Pap Smear


Pap smear should be obtained before per speculum/ per vaginum examination done by the doctor.

Although there exist guidelines regarding cervical cancer screening, in most of the government hospitals in India, pap smear is done for every female who visits the Gynecology O.P.D. 

It should be avoided in a female who is menstruating or has copious vaginal discharge.


- Take verbal consent of the patient and follow aseptic technique


- Any vaginal speculum can be used. Insert the closed speculum with its blades facing the lateral vaginal wall. Then rotate it by 90 degree and open it

- Use Ayre’s spatula OR Cytobrush to obtain the sample from inside the external os. Also obtain one sample from ectocervix using opposite end of Ayre’s spatula

        - Take a pre- labelled slide and make 1 smear each of the two samples (one obtained from inside the external os and one from ectocervix) as follows:



- Place the slide in a jar containing fixative (generally 95% Ethyl alcohol) and fill the required forms


Written by our guest author Hemant Kadam
Illustrations by Devi Bavishi

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