Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Skin tag removal


Acrochordon (Skin tag) removal


  • Cryotherapy

  • Surgical removal (Usually done)

  • Electrosurgery




Written informed consent, 2 ml syringe filled with local anesthetic and attached to a needle, scissors, toothed forceps, sterile gauze pieces, ethanol


  • Area over and surrounding the lesion is cleaned with ethanol

  • Local anaesthesia with 2% Lignocaine with or without adrenaline is given

  • Acrochordon is held with the forceps and the base is cut using a snip scissor or blade

  • After achieving hemostasis (by applying pressure or aluminium chloride), antibiotic ointment applied

    Written by our guest author Kritika Bhatia
    Illustration by Devi Bavishi

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