Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Subcutaneous Anesthesia

Subcutaneous Anesthesia (Local Anesthesia)

Appropriate consent for the procedure to be performed, betadine solution, spirit, 2 sterile needles (Blue 23 G and Purple 25G), 2 ml or 5 ml syringe, 2% lignocaine

• Sterilize the incision site with betadine solution followed by spirit (or as indicated)

• Use blue needle for removing the anesthetic agent out of the bottle. Change the needle to the purple needle. Bend the needle used for injecting the anesthetic agent. (This technique is commonly followed so that we do not go very deep but it's not recommended because it increases risk of needle stick injury to healthcare providers) 

• Inject syringe loaded anesthetic agent subcutaneously at angle of 10-15 degrees, at planned incision site (or just lateral to wound), making sure the syringe bevel faces upwards
In case of a wound, the anesthetic may be given from the inside part of a clean wound after thorough cleaning of the wound so that we need not pierce the patient any more

• Aspirate to see that blood vessel has not been entered into

• Slowly inject the agent while withdrawing the needle simultaneously, noticing the rise in skin surface over the area of infiltration

Another method: 
Inject a small amount of anesthesia at the site of entry of needle before insertion of the whole needle inside the skin. Then, via the bleb created the needle is further advanced. This may slightly reduce the pain while injecting. 


Written by our guest author Nitish Garg
Illustration by Ayushi Gupta

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