Tuesday, May 11, 2021

ARDS management mnemonic

 Maintenance “DOSE”

Dry Lungs - “Dry lungs -Happy lungs”

  • Maintain negative fluid balance to reduce pulmonary edema

Open but not Over-distended 

  • Kept Open by optimizing PEEP 
  • Not overdistended by LTVV 
  • LTVV - Low tidal volume ventilation ( Permissive hypercapnic respiratory acidosis) 
  • Limit alveolar distending volume (VT 6 mL/kg) & pressure (Pplat ≤30 cm H2O)

Sepsis\ Source Control

  • Steroid for Moderate to severe ARDS 
  • Assess for fluid-responsiveness prior to blind volume loading (eg, via passive leg raise to simulate a fluid bolus) in Septic Shock 

Extubation timely to minimize sedation.

That’s all!

Thank you! 

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