Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Glimpse into my plan for "Last 18 Days to NEET PG"

 Hello believers at other end,

If You have a plan and it is working well for you then no need to read it further.
All the best and Happy studying.

18 days= 14 days(2 weeks) + 4 days( I would never count in last days )

 I) 1st week = divide each day in three major slot and 2 minor slots

By the end of 1st week I want to complete major and minor notes 6 minor + 4 major subject + PYQ +MCQ  of important topics + review images and volatile stuff.

Seems daunting and impossible !?
Say it to yourself "not daunting for me" Just 7 days and see the progress in the end.

morning hours = 

1 hour [ half hour pharma ( General,ANS,CVS,GIT ,RS+HORMONES,NEURO,Antimicrobial) 7 days)

other half an hour ( Carb,lipid ,proteins,molecular,vitamins) *5days + last 2days when bio is completed I added PSM formulas for half an hour)

9am-12pm  =

PYQ in form of GT on desktop like an exam ( And do it within 1 and half hour superficially) Review wrong ones .( Aim is to go through papers in stipulated time and when you do the same for consecutive 7 days you can analyze a pattern of your mistakes and type of questions being repeated)

12 pm lunch 

Afternoon 12:30- 4pm ( further divide into 2 slots ) 

2 hour fast reading. I complete minor subjects (Ortho,FMT,anesthesia,dermatology,ophthalmology,Ent,psychiatry)

Next 2 hours I divide for major subject (Surgery+med+obsgynae) 2days and 2 hours each. +pedia 1 day only

4-5 I take nap of 15 min and then do volatile stuff
5-6 I go for walk with earphones and revised imp scores criterias  oR TEACH A FRIEND ON PHONE

6-8 I practice MCQ as much as possible.(I do mcq of selective topics sometime mixed bags )

8-9 [half an hour micro ( gram positive,gram negative,viro rna,viro dna,mycobacterium+immuno,parasito,lifecycles) +half an hour Patho ( systemwise with images) ]

9-10 long break with dinner + telegram or updating yourself with any new thing or some series (depend on mood)

10-11 Images +graphs+formulas

11- 12 Previous day video at 2X until I fall asleep

By the end of 1 week = (SURG+MED+PEDIA+OBS) +(Ortho,FMT,anesthesia,dermatology,ophthalmology,Ent,psychiatry) +IMAGES +PYQ +WEAK TOPIC MCQ+PHARMA +MICRO+PATHO+BIOCHEM= 15 SUBJECTS with images.

II) 2nd week =Remaining 4 subjects

Morning hours and after 6pm slot is same .

9-12 pm I give mock after 2 days and aim is time management only . Assess wrong only if not much time is left . (I would advise you to give mock rather than GT )

afternoon = 2 hours ( physio,PSM) + 2 hours (Anat) (Radio I followed what Zainab mam has told us to do )

+COVID notes
+Revision revision and revision

III) 4 days(NO GT) = Revise volatile stuff + pyq incorrect ones+images+ mcq (I plan it accordingly whatever I feel right and confident with )

In free time or breaks I take printout of admit card and keep the necessary documents ready 2 day before.

Plan 2 days before what topics you feel can come and you are not confident with and want to go through it once. write it down .It is your gut feeling :D

NOTE- You need not to follow it like what I have said .I respect your journey as much as I respect mine. So do what makes you confident.

In the end, it is just an exam. You will get another chance. Just stay calm.

All the best.

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