Thursday, December 30, 2021

Acute rheumatic fever and RHD - diagnostic criteria


Diagnosis of ARF and RHD based on modified Jones' criteria - let's review:

a. Primary attack of strep throat and ARF in a child -

2 major manifestations + no minor + 1 labs


1 major + 2 minor + 1 labs

b. Recurrent attacks with no established carditis -

same as a.

c. Recurrent ARF with established carditis -

2 minor manifestations + 1 labs

d. Rheumatic chorea - studies found up to 70% pediatric patients presenting with rheumatic chorea have a sub-clinical evidence of rheumatic carditis and valvular heart disease. No labs required to wait for.

e. Clinical RHD - signs and symptoms of valvular abnormalities and myocardial fibrotic changes (which may be only partly reversible if not intervened).

That's all

- Jaskunwar Singh

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