Monday, May 30, 2022

Puedomonas mnemonic and illustration

Here's an illustration on pseudomonas for the desi students studying microbiology! 


Here is you're friend , Psuedomonas

I am pink in colour __ gram negative

I have a long red hair __ flagella

I don't have an additional jacket __ non capsulated

I live on oxygen mask __ obligate aerobe

I play Holi everyday with red , green brown and blue _ pyorubicin , pyoverdin , pyomelanin, pyocyanin.Pigments produced by psuedomonas

My Diet chart __ biochemical reactions and culture media

Biochemical diet _

• Oxidase ka Bartha __ oxidase test positive

• Hugh leifson soup __ hugh leifson media __ glucose oxidation

• Cata cola __ catalase reaction positive

Culture diet _

• Nutrient shake _ In nutrient broth forms surface pellicle ( obligate aerobe)

• Nutrient cake __ nutrient agar _with green / blue colonies , sweet odor

• Red currant cake __ blood agar __ beta hemolysis

• Yellow McConkey sauce __ McConkey agar __ yellow colonies ( doesn't belong to enterobactericea )

• Cetrimide karela fry __ selective medium for psuedomonas __ cetrimide agar 

-Shreya HA

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