Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Mnemonic | Classification of Otitis Media Complications

Complications of otitis media are classified into Intratemporal and intracranial. 

To remeber them i have made a mnemonoc from the word TeMPoraL

First IntraTemporal

T = T appears like 7 , so 7th never paralysis


M = mastoiditis 

P = Petroitis 


L = labrynthitis

Now Extra temporal from the same word teMPOraL

Just one letter is changed ( here O is used and in previous one it was T )


M = Meningitis (and relate to it is extradural and subdural abscess)

P = flip it vertically =b = brain abscess

O = Otitic Hydrocephalus


L = Lateral sinus Thrombophlebitis

I hope it will be handy for you attempt short questions in your exams regarding complications of otitis media


Thank you👽❤

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