Saturday, October 14, 2023

Mnemonic for Morphology of Focal Segmental Glomerulonephritis

 Morphology of Focal segmental glomerulonephritis is derived mostly from its name and its pathophysiology.

so here it is:😍

1st word = Focal = only some glomeruli are involved (mainly juxtamedullary)

but it can extent later to whole of cortex as well

2nd word = segmental = only a portion of glomerulus is involved

but later may extend to whole of glomerulus which may extend into interstitium and ultimately tubular atrophy can occur

3rd word = glomerulosclerosis = scarring/fibrosis of glomerulus

scarring hints scarring obviously (fibrosis I mean)

and scarring links to capillary lumen obliteration of glomerulus 

(imagine a situation when glomerulus will be sclerosed, it will get contracted and so capillary lumen will also start collapsing) - now link obliteration of capillary lumen with increased mesangial matrix

for this see the diagram of glomerulus and understand that mesangial growth can also compress upon the capillary lumen and cause lumen obliteration


link the morphology with pathophysiology if you are reading pathophysiology of FSGS from Robbins pathology then it has said that some people think that FSGS is a derivative of minimal change disease and the hall mark of minimal change disease is 

EFFACEMENT OF PODOCYTES - SO this morphology is also here

and this effacement means leakage of plasma contents seen in minimal change disease that is proteins and lipids so here we see 



In Sha Allah!

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