Thursday, December 14, 2023

Instrumentation QC for nuclear cardiology boards notes


Uniformity tests 3 million counts for small FOV, 5 million counts for large FOV

Photopeak (energy peaking)

Area survery (at end of each working day) where unsealed radioactive material is prepared for  use and administered

GM counter (survery meter) to measure contamination
- check battery daily
- source check (daily) to see if it responds to radiation

Dose calibrator
- background check daily
- voltage check


Planar resolution

Linearity (Bar phantom)


COR (or monthly)


Plexiglass Jaszczak phantoms (SPECT contrast, resolution, and uniformity) or annually

6 months:

Leak test at sealed source

Each licensee who uses a sealed source shall have the source tested for leakage at intervals not to exceed 6 months. 


Survey meter should be calibrated (to ensure meter responds accurately to radiation)

Dose calibrator (accuracy)

Manufacturer recommendation:
Uniformity correction

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