Friday, December 8, 2023

Photolectric effect and Compton scatter

In the Compton effect, a photon interacts with an outer shell electron, resulting in the ejection of the electron and a scattered photon with reduced energy.

Compton scatter is a significant contributor to image noise. It can result in scattered photons reaching the detector and degrading image contrast.

Compton scatter is more likely to occur with higher-energy photons, such as those around 140 keV.

The photoelectric effect is more pronounced at lower energies and is characterized by the complete absorption of a photon by an inner-shell electron, leading to the ejection of the electron.

The Photoelectric Effect is particularly important in medical imaging applications using low-energy X-rays, where it contributes to contrast in radiographic images. 

Mnemonic: Compton is with COmpletely More energy PhoTONs  (Compton scatter is more likely to occur with higher-energy photon)

photoeLEctric absorbs aLL Lower Energies 

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