Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Mischievous baby (a threat for ectopic pregnancy) | ectopic pregnancy locations | Mnemonic


Mischievous baby (a threat for ectopic pregnancy)

Imagine a blastocyst as baby who is mischievous and just wants to get out of her mothers body, so when he is formed by sperm and egg fusion in the fallopian tube, he because of his stubbornness says, I will stay here, when mother allows to, he starts drilling into her tubes (i.e., the interstitium) , when mother allows again, he doesn’t sit aside, he exits the tubes and adhere to ovaries then into the abdominal cavity then onto the scar of C section and if he doesn’t go that way and on mothers scolding he enters uterus for it being its normal place, it adheres to cervix (the exit door of uterus) to get outside another way

funny, huh!


Allah Hafiz!

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