Saturday, May 4, 2024

Determinants of Contraception Acceptability | Story mnemonic

Imagine a women who wants to stop pregnancies, she would discuss this thing with his husband, and after getting consent she will go to her neighbors to discuss the methods of contraception to use. so oe of her neighbors is against these and one is in favor of these. the one who is against these tells her about the side effects and makes her perceive that they are not good. the other neighbor tells her about the effectiveness of the methods and helps her know the ease of use to convince her and also tells her about the non contraceptive methods of contraception. after visiting them she gets familiar with different methods and decides to visit a doctor due to the 2 conflicting opinions she has heard

so from here we drive the determinants of contraception acceptability:

stop pregnancy and discussion with her husband: fertility intentions and age

1st neighbor tells her about the dangers and side effects: perception and fear of side effects

2nd neighbor tell her about the benefits: ease of use and access and non contraceptive benefits

after discussion with neighbors she got familiar: understood others experience and got familiar with the methods

now she want to visit doctor : need to see doctor  

thank you

Allah hafiz

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