Tuesday, April 17, 2018

USMLEowesome: United States Clincal Experience (USCE), electives and obs...

United States Clinical Experience - An overview

Intended audience: Those who want to know more about USCE

What this video will cover:
Why do you need USCE?
Types of USCE
Deciding where to apply, which electives?
Paperwork required for electives (brief overview)
Strong letter (applicable for USCE and the match)
CV (brief overview)
Visa interview: Important! Do not mess it up!
If you are not accepted: Have back ups!
If you are accepted: Video for another time :)

Links from the video:

Types of USCE:


Read this before your visa interview: http://electives.us/usvisaandelectives.html

Link to the powerpoint:

That's all!


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