Sunday, December 3, 2023

Inaccurate camera settings, incorrect photopeak, flood field

Inaccurate camera settings, incorrect photopeak, flood field for nuclear boards

The pulse height analyzer (PHA) measures in-coming signals and enables signals of a specific energy range ("window") to be recorded while excluding all other signals.

If the window set slightly below the photopeak, the honey comb artifact with "hot" spots over each photomultiplier tube is characteristic.

Friday, December 1, 2023

BGO mnemonic for nuclear medicine boards

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Tracer uptake and coronary blood flow mnemonic for Nuclear Cardiology boards


Nuclear medicine practive question: Inverse square law

 A vial containing 32 millicuries is emitting radiation at a rate of 1 roentgen per hour at a distance of 1 meter. If a technologist stands at a distance of 2 meters from the vial, how much radiation (in roentgens) does the technologist receive during a 15-minute period?

Radiation safety in pregnancy

United States Nuclear Regulation Commission (USNRC) also recommends total fetus exposure during pregnancy to be less than 5.0 mSv (500 mrem). The fetus radiation dose below 50 mGy is considered safe and not cause any harm.

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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Half life of Fluorine 18 is 110 minutes mnemonic


Half life of Rubidium-82 is 76 seconds mnemonic for nuclear medicine boards #nuclearmedicine


Nuclear medicine practice question: Half-Value Layer

You are conducting a radiographic imaging experiment using four different materials with distinct Half-Value Layers (HVLs). The materials and their respective HVLs are as follows:
Material A: HVL = 5 mm of aluminum
Material B: HVL = 3 mm of lead
Material C: HVL = 8 mm of copper
Material D: HVL = 6 mm of steel
You have sheets of these materials, each with a thickness of 10 mm. Your task is to determine which material, at a thickness of 10 mm, attenuates the most photons.
Which material is expected to exhibit the highest photon attenuation under these conditions?

A) Material A
B) Material B
C) Material C
D) Material D

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Nasal septal fracture Mnemonic

I have tried to make a mnemonic for nasal cartilage septal fracture by making some association with the name

Jarjaway fracture = make me think pike George is away. That he means he walked on some path and paths are generally horizontal. So fracture is horizontal. And for horizontal fractures we need blow from front 

Chevalier fracture = makes me think of shovel and you know when it is used it is struck on the ground almost inclined or vertical. So vertical fracture and for that fracture we need blow from below 

I hope these associations work for you


Thank you❤

Monday, October 30, 2023

Mnemonic for Toxicity of loop diuretics | Mnemonic

 For toxicity of loop diuretics, mnemonic is as follows:

keep the word Hypo 

so now count down all hypos:

  • hyponatremia
  • hypokalemia'
  • hypocalcemia
  • hypomagnesemia
  • hypovolemia

and from word (hypo) letters:


y (if you write it in small case letter on paper, its upper part resembles u) = uric acid (and removing the o from hypo makes hyp = hyperuricemia)

p (rhymes with b) = B1 deficiency (which actually worsens in heart failure)

and O = ototoxicity 

this is makes easier for me to remember the toxicities of loop diuretics easier than cramming them all or making a sentence or word unrelated to loop diuretics, so word hypo is quite relevant for loop diuretics so it can be a good anchor in your mind

I hope it works for you all 


Thank you 💓

Types of radioactive decay mnemonic

Alpha decay
2 protons, 2 neutrons (Helium atom)
Mnemonic: AH

Beta decay
Electron, high energy is emitted
Mnemonic: BE

That's all! 


Sunday, October 29, 2023

Loop diuretics Mnemonic | Clinical Indications of Loop diuretics

 Mnemonic for clinical indications of loop diuretics is as follows

From the word loop diuretics, my mind first thinks about loop as wave like thing and diuretic to be water related

So mnemonic is also related to it like that

HEEHA........ (as if you are skating on sea waves)

H = heart failure

E = edema  (pulmonary)

E = edema (peripheral)

H = hypertension (in case of renal failure and you are trying to treat fluid overload)

A = onion overdose 

I hope it works for you all


Thank you 💓