Monday, March 26, 2018

Hutchinson in Medicine

Here's a summary of the important Hutchinson's in medicine!

1. Hutchinson Teeth 
Seen in -  Congenital Syphilis
Feature -  Peg shaped Incisors , Widely spaced and smaller teeth.
Associations - Mulberry Molars : Multi-cusped Molars.

2. Hutchinson Sign of the Nail
Seen in -  Subungual Melanoma
Feature -  Melano-nychia ( Black colored nail) , feature of a melanoma below the nail plate.

3. Pseudo Hutchinson Sign of the Nail
Seen in -  Melanocytic be of nail bed
Feature -  Melano-nychia like appearance.

4. Hutchinson sign
Seen in -  Varicella Zoster infection
Feature -  Vesicle at the tip of the nose - indicative of Zoster infection. May precede Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus.

5. Hutchinson Triad
Seen in -  Congenital Syphilis
Feature -  Hutchinson teeth + Interstitial keratitis + Sensorineural Hearing loss.

6. Hutchinson Patch
Seen in -  Syphilitic Keratitis
Feature -  Salmon patch on the cornea

7. Hutchinson Mask
Seen in -  Tabes Dorsalis, Neurosyphilis
Feature -  Mask like sensation over the face due to involvement of trigeminal.

8. Hutchinson  Pupil
Seen in -  Raised Intracranial tension especially due to a mass.
Feature -  Pupil dilated and unreactive to light due to 3rd cranial nerve compression.

Those are all the Hutchinson I can think of !
Let me know if you got any more.
Happy Studying!
Stay Awesome !


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