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Varicose Veins : Overview

Varicose Vein

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Through this post I'm trying to share the high yielding points on Varicose Veins.

Congenital absence or incompetence of valves
Inheritance with FOXC2 gene
Klippel-Trenuanay syndrome
Congenital AV fistula
Cutaneous hemangiomas
Hypertrophy of involved limb
Absence of deep venous system

Recurrent thrombophlebitis
Occupational – prolonged standing
Obstruction to venous return –abdominal tumors, retroperitoneal mass, Pregnancy.
Iliac vein thrombosis

Clinical features

Lipodermatosclerosis (brawny induration), pigmentation, thickening, chronic inflammation and induration of skin in calf muscle and around ankle.

Brodie-Trendelenburg test
To assess the competence of SFJ
Patient lies flat, elevate the leg and gently empty the veins, palpate the SFJ and ask the patient to stand whilst maintaining pressure. If the veins do not refill- SFJ is incompetent. If the veins do refill SFJ may or may not be incompetent, presence of distal incompetent perforators.

Cough impulse (Morrisey's test)
Locate the saphenofemoral junction(2-4 cm inferolateral to pubic tubercle) and ask the patient to cough. Impulse or fluid thrill felt indicates saphenofemoral incompetence.

Modified Perthes Test:Ask the patient to stand and tourniquet is applied at SF junction and ask to walk. Superficial veins become prominent – indicate deep vein thrombosis.

Three tourniquet test - To find the site of incompetent perforator
Tourniquets at SFJ, above knee level, below knee level.

Fegan's test:Detect the perforators

Duplex Ultrasound imaging – gold standard
Doppler examination – only when duplex is not available
Phlebography – not needed in primary venous insufficiency. Only performed as preoperative adjuncts when deep venous reconstruction is being planned
Ascending phlebography – differentiates primary from secondary insufficiency
Descending phlebography - identifies specific valvular incompetence suspected on B mode scanning.

Medical treatment:
Calcium dobesilate

Surgical management:
Trendelenburg's operation (juxta femoral flush ligation + stripping the varicose vein) for SFJ incompetency

Subfacial ligation of Cockett and Dodd :perforator incompetence with SF competency

VNUS closure(ablation catheter introduced into the SF junction and slowly withdrawn)

TRIVEX – veins identified by subcutaneous illumination; injection of fluid & superficial veins are sucked

Endo venous laser ablation (EVLA)


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-MD Mobarak Hussain (Maahii)

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  1. If veins do not fill : sfj is competemt


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