Friday, April 13, 2012


Heyy guys I know its' too late for a valentines day blog post.. But why need a day to celebrate love?
Lemme tell you about Oxytocin.. The love hormone <3

Oxytocin is secreted by the posterior pitutary.

Physiological roles:
Labour - It contracts the uterus & facilitates birth by a G protein receptor.
Milk ejection reflex - It causes contraction of the myoepithelial cells to let down milk. Remember it isn't responsible for production of milk. Only secretion or ejection more appropriately.
It is also a neurotransmitter (Love is in the air) ;)

It is a peptide that's why it is inactive orally [Destroyed by the acid in the stomach]
It is generally administered by iv or im routes

Induction of labour: Either prematurely or in case of postmaturity.
Uterine inertia: When uterine contractions are feeble & labour is not progressing satisfactorily.
Postpartum haemorrhage: Hypertensive patients where ergometrine is contraindicated.
Breast engorgement: Due to inefficient milk ejection reflex. Nasal spray before feeding infant is given.

Do you know Oxytocin and Anti-diuretic hormone ADH  are both octapeptides & have 6 common amino acid residues but differ at position 3 and 8?
Water intoxication because of ADH like action of large doses given along with i.v. fluids can be a fatal complication in renal insufficiency and toxaemia of pregnancy.

Another cool fact: Myoepithelial cells are more sensitive to Oxytocin than the Myometrium

That's all! :)
Happy 13th April ^_^"
(Inspired by Andrea Martins)

Inflammatory pain & NSAIDs

Inflammation causes release of many different cytokines & growth factors.

Stimuli in the inflamed area that would normally cause only minor pain produce an exaggerated response (hyperalgesia) and normally innocuous stimuli such as touch cause pain (allodynia)

Many of the cytokines and growth factors facilitate perception and transmission in cutaneous areas as well as in the dorsal horn.

Prostaglandins induce hyperalgesia by affecting the transducing property of free nerve endings.

Prostaglandins and other inflammatory molecules facilitate activation of tetrodoxin resistant Na+ channels in the dorsal root ganglion (which give rise to unmyelinated C and Adelta fibres both conducting
nociceptive stimuli)

This is how prostaglandins produced during inflammatory states significantly increase the excitability of nociceptive nerve fibres.

So if you prevent this peripheral sensitization, hyperalgesia is reduced.
This is how NSAIDs work.
Note that NSAIDs do not affect the tenderness induced by direct application of PGs, but block the pain sensitizing mechansim induced by bradykinin, TNFalpha, interleukins (ILs) and other algesic substances.

That is why, NSAIDs are more effective against inflammation associated pain.

So now you know :)
Have a nice day


Monday, April 9, 2012

Viruses and Passion

Viruses are strange, they do not feed & by some definitions are not living things.
A virus simply exists to reproduce itself & only "comes alive" inside a living cell.

I feel that the living cell is our passion.. & without passion we'd simply exist.. Lifeless..
The "living cell" makes us enthusiastic.. To live life..

It maybe anything.. You maybe passionate about photography, cooking, learning new facts or as small as discovering a new piece of music =)
But that small thing.. Brings us to life.. It does make you feel alive, doesn't it?
Passion is your living cell & without it.. You feel just like a non-living thing..

Now there is a really cool thing you can learn from viruses..
Once cell lysis occurs, they free themselves of the past and they find a new cell..
They never stop living.. They keep moving on & exploring life as it comes..
I guess you have to read more about viral replication to understand what I'm talking about ^_^"

Anyway I hope you get what I meant to say..
Be passionate & keep moving forward :)

You can handle it

My mom tells me that God gives the grace & strength to the mother to take care of her child..
Come to think of it, the milk secretion starts from the mammary glands after the birth of the infant.. The milk ejection reflex happens just on time, when the baby suckles on the nipples..

You see, life doesn't put in front of things you can not handle..
I like to believe that with great responsibility comes great power is bestowed.

"I don't think that we're meant to understand it all the time. I think that sometimes we just have to have faith.
Maybe God has a bigger plan for me than I had for myself" -Nicholas Sparks

So go with the flow & have faith.. No matter how tough you think life might get :)
Have a nice day with loads of positive energy ^_^


Author's diary - An introduction

Hello everyone..

I'm introducing a new section on my blog.. Which is personal notes from the author.. It is not exactly the informative section of the blog but more about what medicine teaches us.. How we can relate it to our day to day life.. Stuff like that.. Hope you an amazing time reading ^_^

It also contains blabber :P