Sunday, March 24, 2013

Interleukin 2 mnemonic

Another Interleukin mnemonic!
You're a T cell
& you see a second T cell looking just like you :O

You: "Woahh.. You're.. You are my friggin' clone!!"
Clone T cell: "Yeah.. IL - 2 made me"

That's all!

Shout out to Microbiology Made Easy for sharing the T lymphocyte comic character.. Thank you so much :)



  1. great, please also share other ILs too

    1. We are writing a book on immunology which includes a great mnemonic on it. To be released soon! :D

  2. Hey iKaN, Is the immunology book ready?

    1. Hey Jeff. It is sent for copyright. Can you send me an email? I'll help you out :)

    2. Hey! Is the book available? Any mnemonics for different ILs?

    3. Yes! We released it for free


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