Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Difference between Pemphigus vulgaris & Bullous pemphigoid mnemonic

Hello everyone!

Pemphigus vulgaris & Bullous pemphigoid are autoimmune diseases of the skin.

Here's a strange association I've made in my head to help me remember most of the points about Pemphigus vulgaris.. And then, I remember that the other one is the other one =D

Pemphigus vulgaris
Vulgar means "Making explicit and offensive reference"
People may talk in a vulgar language. (Talk - mouth - blisters on the oral mucosa)
Usually, teenagers are said to be vulgar. (Younger patients are affected)
They are also despos (DesPo - DesMo - Antibodies against desmoglein)
Vulgar people are shallow and superficial (Superficial blisters that are above the basal layer)
Since they are superficial, they will rupture easily. (Nikolsky's sign positive)
They are trapped in their own net. (Net like IgG on immunoflorescence)
And die. (Patients die without treatment, poor prognosis)
And have tombstones on their graves. (Tombstone appearance of basal layer)

Image to go with the my weirdness:
Pemphigus vulgaris mnemonic

Table for differentiation:

Difference between Pemphigus vulgaris & Bullous pemphigoid

That's all!
Lemme know if it helped <3



  1. It was very helpful .. Thank you

  2. its awesome! thank u very much :) n

  3. very helpful thanks

  4. I ve always used PemphiguS (Superficial) and PemphigoiD (Deep) to differentiate them two..
    Really love your pictures and explainations!! Keep them coming!! =D

  5. Straight to the point. Thank you so much

  6. Thanx a lot..helped me in my finals :)

  7. Absolutely AWESOME!!! You Rock!!! I've always confused the two until now.... You've made it memorable in a fun, concise and creative way! Thank you for sharing =]

    1. Thank you SO much, Viper! I'm glad it helped you. Keep having fun learning medicine =D

  8. It couldn't have been done better than this... (y).. :-)

  9. It couldn't have been done better than this... (y).. :-)

  10. Thanx a lot that`s so easy......

  11. Good work that is so helpful.

  12. It is very good and easy to remember,thanks IKaN

  13. This is so cool!! Thanx for sharing!!

  14. This is so cool!! Thanx for sharing!!

  15. How can u be so AWESOME!!! U theee besttt yo! ;)

  16. U be the best!!! ;)

  17. Matchless and very creative.
    I am confussed about the signs on two arms of V.
    Can u explain pls what do they mean?

    1. The two X's?

      X_X is an icon showing a dead person's face. An X or + has long been used in cartoons for the eyes of dead people.

  18. Ikan maam, thank you so muchhh ... you're savior


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