Thursday, September 5, 2013

Memorizing how to draw the nasal septum

Hey everyone!

Here's a mnemonic kinda video for how to draw the nasal septum -->

I've always had problems remembering the names of various bones and cartilages so I made a silly mnemonic for myself.

At first, I did a horrible job at editing the video.. I couldn't speed and slow down the video where I wanted it to and the video jumped here and there T__T

Then finally, I figured it out ^__^

Hope it helps <3

Anatomy of nasal septum
That's all!



  1. Totally awesome..i have never seen such a wonderfully drawn diagram of nasal septum... Hats off

    1. Great drawing! I will try this wonderful method to remember the anatomy.

  2. THANKS ! For uploading this , it helped me a lot to understand the components of nasal septum proper , which i was having a really hard time to under stand .


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