Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bio-statistics mnemonics, tips & tricks

Hey everyone!

I thought of writing the whole blog at once as I have a lot of mnemonics and tricks but I barely get time and it has been pending for a long time now so I thought of publishing it, hoping I'll keep updating this post as and when possible :)

Relative risk and Attributable risk mnemonic
Sensitivity and specificity mnemonic
Once you remember these, it's easy to work your way vertically in the 2x2 table to create the formula.. I'll elaborate the making formulas concept further later =)
Sensitivity and specificity flash cards here.

Type I and type II error mnemonic
Case fatality rate

The number needed to harm is the inverse of the Attributable Risk
That's all for now!


Updated on 30th December, 2013: Sensitivity and Specificity mnemonic
Updated on 31st January, 2014: Type 1 abd type 2 error mnemonic
Updated on 2nd February, 2014: Case fatality rate gif
Updated on 6th March, 2014: Number needed to harm mnemonic


  1. The number needed to harm means?!

    1. How many people need to be exposed to something to harm one patient.

      If 52 people are exposed to awesomeness, 1 will become awesome. 52 is the number needed to be awesome.
      If 13 people are exposed to an omen, one will become jinxed. 13 is the number needed to jinx.

      Sorry if my examples are too weird .-.

  2. Wow. Thank you so much for this!

  3. I am health student and have a problem of remembering things,so if there is the way in which I can remember like mnemonics you can help me.


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