Saturday, December 28, 2013

Which cell secretes what? Gastric mucosa histology mnemonics

"pH" for Parietal cells secrete H+ ions.
Parietal cells are also known as oxyntic cells.

"PC" for Pepsin is secreted by Chief cells.
(Chief cells are also known as peptic cells or zymogen cells.)
Alternate mnemonic: I think of master chef making food rich in proteins, peptides being degraded by pepsin and that's how I remember the association that Chief cells secrete Pepsin.

G for G cells & G for Gastrin. (Hah! That was easy!)

S for S cells & S for Secretin! (Medicine is easy!)

You've probably heard of the iPhone.. Heard of iCDs? Coz they're gonna help you remember the rest of the cells secretions- I cells secrete CCK. Delta cells secrete somatostatin. Go ICDS!

Wait.. Which cell secretes intrinsic factor? Do you know the IP address of that cell? IP.. Yes, yes. Parietal cells! Intrinsic factor - Parietal cells!

Histology hint: Parietal cells are pink puffy cells. Like a puffy big pink balloon, they are in the upper region of gastric pits. (Compared to chief cells that are in the lower region, have rough endoplasmic reticulum making them blue, and are smaller!)

Side note: Histamine is secreted by Enterochromaffin like cells (ECL).

This mnemonic was made by kriti:

Secretin - secreted by S cells. S cells secretly sleep in crypts of liberkuhn of duodenum.
Stimulus for them is acidic chyme. So when acid of acidic chyme irritates them they wake up.
They are very lazy so they ask the nearby Brunner cells (Runners are active, so are Brunner cells!) to neutralise the acid so that they can sleep again.
The Brunner cells secrete bicarbonate ions and water.
Similarly, pancreas also secrete bicarbonate and water to neutralise the acid.

Thanks for sharing it with us kriti!

That's all!


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