Sunday, March 16, 2014

Antifungal drugs (with mechanism of action) mnemonic

Hola! Me again!
Drugs and their mechanisms can be difficult to remember.. I like pairing the action with the drug name to make it easy. We are doing anti-fungals today (Yaay!)

Mr. Ampho tears holes in the fungal membrane.
Mister rhymes with Nyster and it reminds me of Nystatin. Ampho is Amphotericin.

The word "Squatter" reminds me that Squalene epoxidase is inhibited by terbinafine.

"Azole pazole" sounds so funny! *giggles*
Anyway, P450 inhibited by Azole. Hope pazole works for you as well =D

"Casper the friendly ghost"
Caspofungin the friendly glycan inhibitor xP

Griseofulvin is greasy. And if you put grease on tubules, they won't move!
Griseofulvin inhibits the formation of the microtubule.

That's all!
Pray for me =)


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