Friday, March 14, 2014

Galactose and fructose metabolism mnemonics (Galactosemia, fructosuria and hereditary fructose intolerance)

Here are some mnemonics that I made on Galactose and Fructose metabolism while studying.

"Gal, kindly alarm the eye about seeing tits"
Galactose kinase deficiency causes accumulation of Galactose which is converted into Galactitol by aldose reductase in the eye leading to the formation of cataracts.

The random thing I remember is that you need the letter U and epicness to turn Gal to Glu.
Galactose 1 phosphate is converted to Glucose 1 phosphate by Galactose 1 phosphate Uridyl transferase (the letter U). UDP galactose epimerase (epicness) converts UDP galactose to UDP glucose.

"Kindly urinate fructose"
Fructose kinase deficiency causes central fructosuria.

"Fructose 1 phosphate accumulation is allegedly bad"
Aldolase B deficeincy causes hereditary fructose intolerance.

That's all! ^__^
Pray for me that I do well in my exams.

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