Friday, May 2, 2014

Steps of mitosis mnemonic

Hey everyone!
We'll be learning about mitosis today!
Mitosis makes copies of cells.
It occurs in all somatic cells of the body (except sperm and ova)

Here is how to remember the various stages of cell division :)

Interphase: Interval before division.
G1 is for growth of the cell.
S is for synthesis (replication) of DNA.
It is the G2 phase of interphase in which chromatin is duplicated.

The phases of mitosis -

Prophase: Prepare for division!
Chromatin condenses to chromosomes consisting of two sister chromatids.
Nuclear envelope disappears.

Metaphase: Meet in the midline.
Chromosmes align at equitorial plane.

Anaphase: Alone and apart :(
Sister chromatids seprate.
Centromeres divide.

Telophase: Torn and towed away T_T
Chromatin expands. Cytoplasm divides.
Phase in which nuclear membrane reforms around the chromosomes.

Stages in which ova are arrested are also difficult to remember. This is how I remember them -

Plot in prophase till puberty.
Oocytes are arrested in Diplotene stage of Prophase I till puberty.

Metaphase for meeting the sperm.
Oocytes are arrested in Metaphase II after ovulation.
(The sperm will contribute a centriole, which will help make up the zygotic centrosome required for further division.)

That's all!
Hope it helped!

"And we're burning all the bridges now."


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