Saturday, May 3, 2014

Which cell secretes what? Male reproductive system mnemonics

LH stimulates Leydig cells to produce Testosterone.
Testosterone converts the Wolffian ducts into male accessory structures.
Mnemonic: There is a L in LH and Leydig.
If you flip around the letter L, it looks like a T.

FSH stimulates Sertoli cells to produce Sperm.
Mnemonic: There is a S in FSH, Sertoli, and Sperm.

Inhibin is secreted from the Sertoli cells and it inhibits FSH secretion.
Mnemonic: sertoli ends in I for Inhibin.

Sertoli cells secrete MIF that inhibit female paramesonephric duct development.
Mnemonic: sertoli ends in I for mullerian Inhibiting factor (MIF).

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