Sunday, June 22, 2014

Antidotes and chelating agents mnemonic

Hey everyone! Long time, is it not?

We'll be learning about chelating agents today!

The antidote for copper poisoning is pencillamine.
How do I remember that?
"Copper pennies"
Penicillamine - Copper poisoning.

Dimercaprol is also known as British Anti Lewisite.
"BAL GAL" (It rhymes lol) or "British gal" is my mnemonic for remembering for which toxins' treatment it is used!
British Anti Lewisite - Gold, Arsenic, Lead.

Sometimes you find the answer in the word itself!
diMERcaprol - MERcury posioning.

For lead toxicity, I remember, "Lead led lid"
ED in Led reminds me of EDTA.
ID in lid read backwards is DI which reminds me of Dimercaprol.
I know it's completely bonkers but it helps me get through the day! =P
Dimercaprol, EDTA - Lead posioning.

"It sucks to be a kid who ate lead"
Oral succimer is used for mild to moderate lead poisoning.

"Block the glue"
Beta blockers - Theophylline poisoning.
Glucagon - Beta blockers poisoning.

Iron is Ferrous.
And the antidote is.. Deferoxamine!
Deferoxamine - Iron.

That's all!

Treatment of other toxicities here:
Acidification of urine
Alkalinization of urine


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