Monday, June 23, 2014

MBBS surgery instruments mnemonic

Surgery instruments mnemonic! Yaay!

Before you start reading, make sure you have (a little) general idea on what they look like & where they are used.. Because otherwise it'll sound completely bonkers! You make ask any doubts in the comments section below :)

Also you are free to contribute any crazy mnemonics you've made while learning these & we'll update this section accordingly! Have fun ^__^

Kocher's forceps mnemonic.
I call it Ko-chew.
You need teeth for chewing.
And that's how I remember that Kocher's looks like an artery forceps except for the apposing tooth in the tip.
Allis' tissue holding forceps mnemonic.
I think of Alice in wonderland, living in her own space, holding roses.
Alice living in her own wonderful "space" reminds me that the blades are not apposing each other, leaving space to accomodate tissue.
Alice holding roses reminds me of the ability of Allis' forceps to hold without crushing, to allow manipulation (Paint them red maybe xP )
Used to hold body wall, aponeurosis.

Babcock’s tissue forceps mnemonic.
The K has a < which looks like a triangle. This will help you remember the distal end is expanded and triangular.
Warning: This is perverted. Cock pretty much sounds like something tubular and long - so it's used to hold stuff like vas deferens, fallopian tubes, appendix & intestine.


  1. Thanks :)
    I would like If you add some stuff related to Short Long Case history take and its presentation!

    1. I wish I was good at those too!
      But I am still in final year and learning ):
      Maybe sometime later when I have a better understanding of those =D


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