Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Difference between partial and complete hydatidiform mole mnemonic

Hi everyone! Since you can completely confuse incomplete mole and complete mole, here's a memory aid for you! The trick is to remember one & the other one, is the other one. We'll remember complete mole.

A complete mole is completely paternal.
Complete mole has completely lost maternal chromosomes.
Complete mole can become completely malignant - can be Choriocarcinoma.
Complete mole is completely a tumor with no fetus on gross examination.
Complete mole often has a uterine size large for dates.
Complete mole has a markedly elevated hCG.
Complete mole is associated with theca letein Cysts.
Complete mole is associated with preeclampsia (hypertension) and hyperthyroidism.

Okay, so now that you get the concept, say that to yourself a few times!

Complete mole is completely paternal.
Complete mole is completely malignant
Complete mole is completely tumor.
Complete mole is completely large.
Complete mole is completely hCG.
Complete mole is completely cystic.
Complete mole is completely hyper.

Repeat. lol.

Let's compare and contrast complete mole with partial mole!

An incomplete mole has maternal and paternal chromosomes.
parTial has T, Triploid has T. ParTial mole is Triploid.
Malignancy in partial mole is rare.
Incomplete mole is incomplete tumor. It has fetus parts on gross examination.
Partial mole has fetal parts.
Incomplete mole often has a uterine size small for dates.
Incomplete mole has a less elevated hCG.

That's all!
Hope it helped you, completely xD

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