Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Normal labor: Mechanism on dummy pelvis and mnemonics

Hi everyone!
In this video I talk about normal labor and describe the events in detail.
Hope it helps :)

Here are some memory aids -

Restitution: Think of the baby resting after internal rotation, reminding you it is the passive movement untwisting the head.

for diameters of the fetal head from complete flexion to complete extension.

Suboccipitobregmatic 9.5
Suboccipitofrontal 10
Occipitofrontal 11.5

Mentovertical 14

Submentovertical 11.5
Submentobregmatic 9.5

First three, vertex presentation.
Mentovertical, brow presentation.
Last two, face presentation.

That's all!

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  1. Sis, last two are face presentations. You wrote brow by mistake. Thank you!

  2. your posts have been so extremely helpful.. thank you so much :)


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