Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thyroid eye signs mnemonic

I talk about em in this video!

Naffziger's sign Standing behind, patient's neck is extended and examiner looks from behind along the superior orbital margin of the patient. Eyeball is seen beyond the superior orbital margin in exophthalmos.

Stellwag's sign is a sign of infrequent or incomplete blinking associated with exophthalmos or Graves orbitopathy. Patient gives a starring look. It's the first sign to appear.

Joffroy's sign is a clinical sign in which there is a lack of wrinkling of the forehead when a patient looks up or frowns.

Möbius sign is a clinical sign in which there is an inability to maintain convergence of the eyes. It is found in patients with Graves' disease. Defective convergence is due to lymphocytic infiltration of inferior oblique and inferior rectus muscles. It is an early sign of ophthalmoplegia.

Von Graefe's sign (lid lag sign) is the immobility or lagging of the upper eyelid on downward rotation of the eye, indicating exophthalmic goiter (Graves' Disease).



  1. Plz...give some tricks to remember them...i always forget......

  2. Loved the mnemonics, thanks!

  3. thanks alot it was very helpful
    but i think i would smile at the examiners trying to remember it cuz its so funny :D

    1. Haha.. Which examiner doesn't like a smiling student?

      Smile and answer away! :D

    2. Every damn professor at gomco

  4. Thanks a ton for the wonderful mnemonics!! It was such a headache to remember this without your mnemonic :-D *bows*


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