Sunday, October 5, 2014

DeLancey supports of genital tract mnemonic

Mnemonic time! 

"You (U) sorta care for one"
Level 1: Uterosacral and cardinal ligaments

"Park two arcs"
Level 2: Pelvic fascia and paracolpos connects the vagina to the lateral pelvic wall through the arcus tendineus

Level three: Levator ani muscle supports lower one third of the vagina. 

Random tip time! 
When you write about the supports, make sure you mention the mechanical support (the axis), the muscular supports, the fibromuscular support and the peritoneal support as well. Extra points for those! 

Diagram time!


  1. Wow, That's a Great Piece of Knowledge it helped me a Lot.

    By the Way Did you check out Status in Punjabi Any Time?

  2. Wow, I was confused but for now have mastered everything


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