Saturday, October 11, 2014

Antitubercular drugs mnemonic

Happy Saturday people!

Memorizing AKT is very important for MBBS, since tuberculosis has a high prevalence in developing countries and in patients with AIDS.

Here's how I remember them!

RIPE for the drug names.

For doses:
INH has 3 alphabets, so 300mg OD.

RiFampin has a F. F for four, F for five. 450mg OD.

Ethambutol starts with E. E for Eight. 800mg OD.

Pyrazinamide has the biggest name, so 1500mg OD or 750mg BD.

That's all! :)
Become the best you possibly can!

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  1. Thanks bro. This helps me remember. Was trying to find a way to remember. God bless

  2. Ethambutol is 1200 Mg right?

    1. It's 15 mg/kg

      It depends on what the average weight of a patient from your country is. You are assuming the patient weighs 80 kg.

      People with tuberculosis lose weight and are about 50 kg at the time of their diagnosis which is why I wrote 800 mg.

  3. Oooommmmggg this is sooooo awesooome.... I'll neverrr everrrr forget this..thankyoooouuuu sooooo much Nakeya ma'am (sorry for the stretched words;)


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