Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tests for ovulation mnemonic

Some random memory aids I made while studying infertility.

Fern test mnemonic:
Remember FErN.
Fern test
Ferning appears due to presence of sodium chloride in the mucus secreted under Estrogen effect.

Spin on: Spinnbarkeit phenomenon is seen in Ovulatory mucus.

Secretack: Secretory mucus fractures under tension; this property is known as tack.

Basal body temperature mnemonic:
I remember progesterone is pyrogenic because they both start with P.
This helps me remember the drop in body temperature during ovulation, the rise in temperature during the Secretory phase. 
It also helps me know that during menstruation the progesterone levels and body temperature drop and if the temperature does not fall, it may be suggestive of conception.

That's all!


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