Thursday, October 30, 2014

Causes of hepatosplenomegaly mnemonic

Causes of hepatosplenomegaly is easy!
I use the word hepatosplenomegaly as a guide.

H for haematological.
Think of RBC abnormalities like sickle cell anaemia & thalassemia and
myeloproliferative diseases like leukaemia & lymphomas.
E is for EBV.
I also remember other vital infections like CMV, hepatitis, rubella with it!
P for Portal hypertension.
Associated with cirrhosis of the liver and Budd Chiari syndrome.
A for amyloidosis
To for toxoplasmosis
S for sarcoidosis
(Notice how AToS of the mnemonic ends with osis!)
P for pernicious anemia
Le is for Leishmaniasis.
It also reminds me of other protozoal diseases like malaria, schistosomiasis &  filariasis!
N for Niemann-Pick disease. Think of other metabolic diseases like Gaucher's disease, Hurler's disease.
And finishing OMEGALY with Acromegaly!
If you don't want to remember everything, just make sure you mention haematological causes, infectious causes, portal hypertension and metabolic diseases.
That's all!
Uploading the mini notes I made on S note :)

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