Monday, October 6, 2014

Clostridium perfringes toxins mnemonic

Clostridium perfringes produces an alpha toxin.
A for alpha
L for lecithin
P for phosphocholine
H for hemolytic

So alpha toxin is a lecithinase that splits lecithin into phosphocholine.
It is also hemolytic and membranolytic causing extensive myositis.
Alpha helps you remember other toxins it produces as well!  Namely, lecithinase;  proteinase; hemolysin; hyaluronidase. aLPHa remember?
That's all!


  1. hello...I love ur all creations :) just wanna ask something if u can help it will be appreciated .
    how can I download all the creations of urs ?? I mean any downloading links ... pdf or easy way to get creations related to
    pharmcology and pathology :)
    thank u ^_^ . Looking forward for ur repl :)

    1. Hi. Thank you so much!

      I would love to share my creations with you. Unfortunately, I am on a long vacation right now (In Dubai for a month!) and all my files are in my PC back home.

      I'll try to make them available when I can asap :)

  2. okay I will be waiting for your reply :) but how will I get to know that you are back home ?

    1. I will be home around 9th November.

      You can email me a reminder at I'll get back to you!


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