Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cullen's sign, Grey Turner's sign and Fox's sign seen in pancreatitis mnemonic

These signs are seen in acute pancreatitis. Having a mnemonic to remember them makes me feel complete!

Cullen's sign mnemonic:
If you complete the C, it looks like an O; umbilicus looks like an O. So pancreatic enzymes seeping through the falciform ligament causing discoloration around the umbilicus is the Cullen's sign.

Fox's sign mnemonic:
"Foxi" (foxy) :|
Ecchymoses below the Inguinal ligament is known as Fox's sign.

Grey Turner's sign mnemonic: (Vulgar language ahead, sorry!)
"Fuck, Grey Turns me on."
Hemorrhagic spots and ecchymoses in the Flanks is called Grey Turner's sign.
PS: You'd know what I mean if you would've read fifty shades of Grey ;)
Alternate mnemonic: Turn on your flanks.

That's all!

Notice the Twilight associations all over!
Cullen. Like Edward Cullen.
Fox. Wolf. Jacob.
50 shades. A twilight fanfic.
I should get a prize for making the lamest mnemonics and associations :P



  1. G_rey Turner's sign=F_lanks ecchymosis GF
    C_u_llens sign=U_mbillcus ecchymosis Uu
    Fox sign =inguinal ecchymosis


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