Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Epidural anaesthesia mnemonic


The mnemonic is, "EPIDURAL"

EP: Epidural catheter is Placed and anaesthetic is infused

I for Indwelling catheter for additional injections later

D for delay (A 15-30 min delay in onset is seen with epidural anaesthesia)

U for urinary retention, a complication of epidural anaesthesia (Another complication that you must remember is hypotension)

R for Repeated prolonged infusion that can be given with epidural anaesthesia

A for Analgesia (Epidural is used for labor analgesia, post op pain and cancer pain)

L for Lidocaine (The letter L has two lines, so two percent is the dose. Two also reminds me of Touhy needle, used for the anaesthesia)
Another commonly used anaesthetic is 0.5% Bupivacaine.

That's all!
*sings* I've become so numb

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