Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tuberous sclerosis mnemonic

Tuberous sclerosis makes me think of tubers. Tuber is a plant structure that stores nutrients. Like sweet potatoes. And you know who it reminds me of? Mrs. Potato head from Toy Story!
Tuberous sclerosis mnemonic
"MRS. Tuber HEAD" is your mnemonic!
M: Mitral Regurgitation
Mental Retardation
R: Rhabdomyoma
S: Subependymal nodules
Shagreen patches
Tuber: Tuberous sclerosis
H: Hamartoma
E: Ependymoma
A: Ash leaf lesions
Adenoma sebaceum
D: Depigmented nevi
Dominant (Autosomal Dominant) 

Another mnemonic that people use is the word, "HAMARTOMA" itself but it misses out Ependymomas and Depigmented nevi.

PS: Tuberous sclerosis is also known as Bournville's disease.

That's all!
To infinity and beyond!

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