Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Multiple sclerosis mnemonic

Things to know about multiple sclerosis -

When I made this, it was more like my check list on what to write in my exam. So I wouldn't exactly call it a mnemonic.

The words keep recurring in the mnemonic but I wrote them twice anyway (More revision, more recall, yaay!)

Multiple sclerosis
Upper motor neuron weakness
Uthoff's phenomenon
Lhermitte sign
Tingling numbness
Intention tremors
Posterior column features
Pulfrich phenomenon
Lhermitte sign
Exercise worsens symptoms

Scanning speech
Cerebellar signs
Continence problem
Lhermitte sign
Exercise worsens symptoms
Remitting features
Optic neuritis
Internuclear ophthalmoplegia
Scanning speech

That's all!
There is another simplified, "SINS" mnemonic as well.


Updated on 3rd December, 2014: Pulfrich phenomenon, suggested by Sujay Nigudkar


  1. A Ataxia
    B Bladder dysfunction
    C Cognitive dysfunction
    D Diplopia
    E Ear (Hearing loss)
    F Fatigue
    facial weakness

    S spasticity
    sensory symptoms
    sexual dysfunction
    O Optic neuritis
    W weakness of limbs

    V visual blurring


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