Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tuberculosis spine mnemonic (Potts disease)

I made this for my reference, so that I could make sure that I'd be able to write all the points, in case a LAQ was asked about it.

The mnemonic is - SADDER

Tuberculosis spine mnemonic (Potts disease) 
S for sclerosis. It is a sign of healing and is seen late in the disease.
A for cold Abscess. Write about evidences of retropharyngeal, prevertebral, paravertebral, psoas abscess or simply a widened mediastinum seen on x-ray.
D for disc space reduction. Early sign.
D for destruction of the vertebral body causing wedging.
E for erosion of the vertebral body and evidence of lysis
R for rarefaction

That's all! 

I have to share this experience with you all.

For Orthopeadics, we stick to studying the previously asked questions and important questions. We are totally unprepared for questions out of our territory.

In my university exam, we were asked about Pott's fracture (Bimalleolar fracture).

Luckily, the day before the exam - I wrote this blog. Since I have a habit of Googling things before publishing them to make sure my facts are right, I saw Pott's disease on Wikipedia.
And Pott's fracture was completely different! I read about it and could attempt it in my paper.

Google stuff, guys. It can help you attempt a 7 marks LAQ, you never know!



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