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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Protease inhibitors: Indinavir and Ritonavir mnemonic

Hello! Short post on protease inhibitors!

Stress the word, "IN" as you read the mnemonic for INdinavir.
INdinavir goes IN the liver and INcreases bilirubin (INdirect hyperbilirubinemia)
INdinavir goes IN the kidney and INcreases crystals in urINe (nephrolithiasis).
rItonavir Inhibits p450 enzyme and Increases drug concentrations.

Did you know? Renal stones secondary to HIV protease inhibitors, primarily indinavir, are not radiopaque. Thus, the diagnosis may be missed with ultrasound and non-contrasted CT scan. In such patients, contrast-enhanced CT scanning may be required to establish the diagnosis. 


  1. My mn is PI RIN SAQTi (shakti). PI - protease inhibitor , R - ritonavir , IN - indinavir, SAQ - sauinavir , Ti - tipranavir.


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