Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vaginal candidiasis (Candida infection) mnemonic

Vaginal candidiasis is asked in gynaecology exams.

The mnemonic for things you need to know about the fungus candida albicans is, "ALBICANS"

Acid or
Low pH

Broad spectrum antibiotics is a risk factor
Immunosuppression is a risk factor

Irritation, pruritus, dysuria are symptoms
Curdy, thick, flaky discharge

Nickerson medium (Culture)
Smear (Of discharge treated with KOH, pap smear)
Stain (Gram)
Sabourads agar (Culture)

The mnemonic for the treatment of candidiasis is, "Albicans" again.

Nystatin pessary

"CANdida can be treated with CONAzoles."
Like fluconazole, miconazole and ketoconazole.
caNdida also has an N, reminding me that Nystatin can also be used.

I am attaching the drugs, doses and routes of treatment for the same.

How I remember the doses:
Fluconazole, Fifteen starts with F.
So fluconazole 150 mg, single dose.

Keto has 4 alphabets, so 400 mg ketoconazole.

That's all!
Here's a medical tongue twister for you - "Can a Canadian candida consume candy in Canada?"


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