Friday, December 5, 2014

Developmental milestones mnemonic: Copies, draws, scribbles!

Draw this once or twice and you've mastered another milestone!


  1. Wow . It looks great:-)

    1. Looks more childish to me xD

      How have you been, kriti? Done with exams?

    2. Ya exams over 2 days back.. but how did you know about my exams?ur exams must be over till now. That's y u r active once again here on medicowesome:-)

    3. I suppose we are from the same state, kriti :P

      My exams on 1st January :D

  2. Studying for my board recertification this weekand this is awesome! In 25 years didn't need to know this urgently bu I need it for the test!

    1. I am glad it helped you. Rock that board re-certification exam, Suzanne!


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