Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fothergills repair or Manchester operation mnemonic

Hello everyone!
We'll be learning about one of the operations used in the treatment of vaginal prolapse.
It's Fothergills operation and I'll be sharing a mnemonic I use to remember the points about the operation.
Fothergills repair is also known as Manchester operation.
So the mnemonic for Fothergills repair is, "MANCHESTer"

Mackenrodt ligament are cut and sutured in front of the cervix.
Anterior colporrhaphy.
Amputation of cervix.
Cervical raw area is covered with vaginal mucosa using Fothergills stitch.
Habitual abortions may occur due to incompetent cervix.
Endometrial curretage and dilation can be done before the procedure.
Strumdrof suture is used to cover the posterior lip of the lower uterine segment with vaginal mucosa.
Extra: Shirodkar modified this procedure so that it can be used in women who want to get pregnant in the future.
That's all!


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