Thursday, December 11, 2014

What is the significance of pain during child birth?

What is the need of pain during delivery of a baby? I'm not asking the physiological mechanism. I believe that nature doesn't make a process painful unnecessarily and I wish to understand the importance.
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Rahu Ketu
To help make the essential arrangements for the birth of the child.
To make it simpler for you, I'll tell you what happens when the pregnant woman does not experience labor pains. It's called precipitate labor. You'll read about it in forensic and medical toxicology in second year.

The lady, typically a multipara with a spacious pelvis and a small foetus, doesn't experience labor pains and the baby is born without the mother even knowing it.
Many a times, the baby is born when the mother is defecating (Increase in intra abdominal pressure is the mechanism).
The baby hits the floor (Long umbilical cord in standing position) or the toilet pan and may even die due to trauma.
So pain allows the female in labor to get ready for birth, make arrangements for the help she might require during labor (Call a trained dai or a doctor) and prevents sudden labor or even death of the newborn due to trauma like in precipitate labor.

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