Monday, December 1, 2014

Surgery for acute bleeding varices and portal hypertension that cause portoazygos disconnection mnemonic

Good morning!
Remembering these names is not necessary.
I did it just to stand out in the exam. (Coz the theory examiner be like, "She remembers the name so she remembers the surgeries too!" xD )
That being clear, let's mug this up!

The mnemonic is, "HB PORTALS"
H: Hassab operation
B: Boerema Crile operation
P: Portoazygos disconnection these operations will achieve
OR: Oesophageal stapler Resection of Johnston
T: Tanners abdominal oesophagogastric transection
Thoracic Oesophageal transection (Milnes Walker)
S: Sugiura Futagawa operation

That's all!

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