Monday, December 1, 2014

Intussusception mnemonic

How to remember certain signs and symptoms of intussusection?

S: Sausage shaped mass

U: Upper respiratory tract viral infection (Maybe aetiological factor)

S: Stool character - red currant jelly stool
Season - common in spring and winter
Small children

C: Cope's method for reduction at laprotomy
Contracts (Mass contacts under palpating fingers)

E: Empty right iliac fossa (Sign of Dance)

P: Pincer end on barium enema (Claw sign or coiled spring sign)

Abdominal pain (colic) is the first and most common symptom of intussusception 

T: Target sign or pseudo kidney sign or bullseye sign on USG

I: Iliocolic ISS is most common

O: Looks like a Doughnut (Doughnut sign on Doppler)

N: Na na nuh na ;)

That's all folks!

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